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County Attorney

The County Attorney's Office provides legal services and advice to the Board of County Commissioners, Sheriff, Assessor, Treasurer, Clerk and Recorder and the Coroner. The County Attorney's Office also provides legal services and advice to various county departments, including Planning and Zoning, Building and Environmental Health, Road and Bridge, Human Resources and Finance. The County Attorney's Office does not provide general legal advice to the public.

The Board of County Commissioners appoints the County Attorney, in accordance with Article XIV, Section 8 of the Colorado Constitution and §30-11-118, C.R.S. When directed by the Board, the County Attorney represents Fremont County, county officers, county employees and appointed boards and commissions and their members in lawsuits, actions and other legal proceedings. The County Attorney advises county officials on legal issues involving policy-making, regulations, operations and programs of the County. The County Attorney also reviews and drafts resolutions, ordinances, contracts, intergovernmental agreements and other documents as directed by the Board.

The County Attorney's office also represents the People of the State of Colorado in dependency and neglect cases, relinquishments, guardianships, child support enforcement cases and public assistance appeals.