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Veteran Services

Our mission is to assist all discharged members of the United States Armed Forces, the surviving spouses, administrators, executors, conservators, guardians or heirs of any such veterans, or any other persons who may have proper claims. Those receive a proper claim by filing and prosecuting such claims on behalf of such persons for insurance, pensions, compensation, hospitalization, vocational training, education, loans, readjustment allowances, or any other benefits which such persons may be or may become entitled to receive under any of the laws of the United States, the State of Colorado or any other state by reason of such service.

Honor Flight of Southern Colorado

Honor Flight Network is a non-profit organization created solely to honor America's Veterans for all their sacrifices. Honor Flight transports our heroes to Washington, D.C. to visit and reflect at their memorials.

How You Can Help Our Veterans

  • Guardians/Staff - Escort our Veterans on their memorable journey to Washington D.C. Guardians pay their way for the 3 day, 2 night visit.
  • Volunteer - Help with the Send-off on the day of departure and the Welcome Home celebration.
  • Adopt/Sponsor-a-Veteran - Programs to help raise funds to assist in sending our Veterans to Washington D.C.

If you would like information about this program, contact Misti Stowell at
719-637-7609 or visit their website at

Women Veterans Coffee Talk

Fremont County Veteran Services invites you to attend the Women Veterans Coffee Talk, every 2nd Wednesday from 8-9 am at the VFW Building, 215 North Cottonwood in Cañon City. RSVP to or at 719-276-7401.

Readjustment Counseling Services Being Offered

The Veterans Administration is offering readjustment counseling through its mobile counseling centers and will be in our area beginning November 5, 2009. Eligibility for service is open to all combat veterans (any war or conflict) and any veteran who has experienced sexual trauma or harassment during their military career. Counseling is also available to family members if the veteran lives with them and is being seen at the mobile center. This includes spouses, girlfriends/boyfriends or parents. Bereavement counseling is also available for parents, spouses and children of armed forces personnel who died while on active duty (this includes Reservists and National Guardsman).

For more information on when the mobile coach will be in your area or to schedule an appointment, contact Al Augustine at 719-276-7400.

VA Secretary Establishes ALS as Presumptive Compensable Illness

ALS (Lou Gehrigs Disease) will become a presumptively compensable illness for ALL veterans with 90 days or more of continuously active service in the military.  ANY Veteran who has ALS, including those whose claims for ALS were previously denied, should contact the VA immediately.

Are you a veteran? Do you know a veteran?

  • Do you know a widow/widower?
  • Have you reached retirement age and do not have insurance?
  • Are you or do you know a Veteran that served in the Republic of Vietnam? It is presumed that this person was exposed to Agent Orange.
  • Are you a diabetic? Do you have cancer? Did you serve in the Republic of Vietnam or Desert Storm?
  • Are you a Veteran needing assistance with prescriptions?
  • Do you know or live with a Veteran who is showing PTSD or having anxiety attacks?

The VET Center is available FREE OF CHARGE for these needs.

  • If you are receiving Veterans Compensation, have you thought about an increase?
  • Are you aware that Veterans and dependents are entitled to a Burial Plot together?
  • Do you know that the VA furnishes headstones all the way back to the Civil War FREE OF CHARGE?
  • Do you know what Aid and Attendance is?
  • Have you mislaid your discharge Papers? Your Discharge Papers are the gateway to medical and future entitlements.

Don't wait until it's too late for assistance. Contact your local Veterans Officer.