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Our Indomitable Spirit

We are fortunate to have a great group of local ministers and clergy who start each of our formal Fremont County Board of Commissioners meetings with a brief prayer.

Tuesday’s prayer from Tom Kilgore of the Connect Church especially hit home for me.

He started by praying, “Thank you for the indomitable spirit of the citizens of Fremont County, as we end one year and look forward to another. Success is surrounding us and is on the horizon, as well.”

Post-Election Blues

This week marked another election day come and gone. And now the post-election blues start settling in. Some of your candidates won. Some of your candidates lost. The ballot issue you feverishly toiled over may have gone down in flames or the one that nobody gave a chance may have shocked everybody and passed. But in any case, the hype and excitement seem to have vanished into the void.

Transportation Bait and Switch

Last month Commissioner Bell wrote an excellent summary on several of the key pieces of legislation from the 2021 General Assembly that will negatively impact our pocketbooks.

One of those was the so-called Transportation Bill, Senate Bill 260. This bill is a $3.8 billion boondoggle of fee/tax increases in addition to more than $1.4 billion of general fund transfers over the next 10 years. Only a third of the new fees are scheduled to actually go to the State Highway Fund.


An important part of having a functional representative government is having on open, transparent, and responsive government. While none of us can be perfect at that, all of us at the county strive toward that goal. We’ve recently made some positive changes to be more transparent and to help keep you better informed of the decisions we make at the county.

We Want to Hear From You

Fremont County has $9.3 million to spend, and we want your input on how it can best be utilized for our entire community.

Although your three Fremont County Commissioners continue to question the wisdom of the $1.9 trillion stimulus package known as the American Rescue Plan Act, it did bring a windfall to not only Fremont County but to our local cities and towns, as well.

NACO Conference

Two Fremont County Commissioners just returned from the National Association of Counties Annual Conference following discussion and action on a wide range of topics with other leaders from throughout the country.

County leaders as well as officials from the White House and Congress attended the conference at Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Vaccination Data Inaccuracy Press Release

Inaccuracy Within Fremont County Vaccine Data

FREMONT COUNTY- According to the Colorado COVID-19 Vaccination Data dashboard, only 37.5% of the eligible population in Fremont County has received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. The Fremont County Department of Public Health and Environment (FCDPHE) and the local Board of Health disagree vehemently with these numbers, and are working tirelessly to advocate the state to have them corrected.

Prepare to Pay

When the Colorado State Legislature adjourned a couple of weeks ago, it allowed your Fremont County Commissioners and many others to finally breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Over many months, we spent countless hours, often full days, working with other counties through Colorado Counties, Inc., to figure out how certain bills might affect our taxpayers and citizens. We then lobbied long and hard – sometimes successfully, sometimes not – asking our legislators to cast their votes according to the good or harm each bill might cause.

Under Attack, Again

Coming straight from our own neighbors on the Front Range, a new ballot initiative is threatening the livelihood of our local farmers and ranchers as well as threatening our affordable, available food sources.

The “Protect Animals from Unnecessary Suffering and Exploitation” campaign bills itself as an animal-rights measure, but in reality, is working hard to kill our agricultural industry and disrupt all aspects of meat production, sales, and export.