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Q: Can I bury my loved one on our land?
A: Permission can be obtained from the County Commissioners. However, it is very difficult to remove a grave, and the removal of a grave decreases the value of the property involved.

Q: How do I get a copy of a death certificate?
A: If it is not a recent death or not a Coroner's case, contact the Registrar's office at (719) 269-2181. Certified copies of a death certificate can be obtained through the mortuary that was used for disposition of the body. To obtain a copy of the death certificate, the Coroner's report or the Coroner's autopsy, please send a written request to the coroner at 615 Macon Avenue, Room LL7, Cañon City, Colorado 81212. Don't forget to include a return address. It often takes up to two months to gather all the information; so please be patient.

Q: Can I get information on a death from several years ago?
A: Yes, we have files dating back to 1936, but they are not complete. I'll be happy to help you locate the file you're requesting.

Q: If I find buried bones that might be human or something that looks like a grave, who should I contact?
A: Contact law enforcement and they will notify me if they have concerns.

Q: Which mortuary should I use?
A: I cannot help you make that decision. I can tell you of the four local mortuaries. Click here to view them. Any of them can arrange cremation if desired, and they are all very helpful in your time of grief.

Q: It is necessary for me to personally identify the body?
In a majority of the cases, visual identification by relatives is not required. If identity cannot be established easily, you may be contacted to provide assistance in obtaining medical or dental records.

Q: Is viewing allowed?
The coroner's facility is not designed to provide viewing. Arrangements can be made to do so at the funeral home of your choosing.

Q: What should I do now?
Try to take this time and select a funeral home. If the deceased is to be removed out of state, ask the mortuary from that state to coordinate with a local mortuary for the necessary services.

Q: Why is the coroner involved?
By State Law, the coroner is required to investigate any suspicious or unexpected deaths, any death not attended by a physician and any death occurring within 24 hours of a hospital admission. The coroner determines circumstances, manner, and cause of death. The coroner is an independent investigator of deaths whether it be natural, accidental, suicidal or of a criminal nature.

Q: Will an autopsy be performed?
The coroner determines whether an autopsy will be performed. This is done on a case-by-case basis. Autopsies are performed when the cause of death cannot be substantiated by other means or when the case requires forensic documentation for prosecution or other reasons.

Q: What about organ and tissue donations?
The approval of the coroner's office is required for donation. The wishes of the deceased for organ donation will be evaluated on an individual case basis. If donation is approved, the Fremont County Coroner's Office personnel will be glad to assist you with coordination of the donation procedures. In certain cases donation of organs needed for a complete investigation will not be approved, and for that we are sorry.

Q: If there are no funds for burial, what can I do?
If the deceased does not have sufficient funds for burial and is currently receiving benefits they might be eligible for benefits from the county. The Social Services Office phone number is: (719) 275-2318.

Q: How long before the coroner releases my relative/friend?
Generally it should not take more than two or three days. The coroner will advise you if there are circumstances that may delay the release. Your funeral director will coordinate the release on your behalf.

Q: How can I recover personal possessions?
The legal next of kin may claim any personal possessions in the custody of the coroner's office. please call the office before coming to claim items. Clothing is not considered property and may be released to the mortuary with the body. If the clothing presents a health hazard it may be disposed of for the safety of all persons involved.

Q: Will I be charged for Coroner's Services?
You will not be charged for services ordered or provided by the coroner.

Q: Where do I obtain death certificates?
The Fremont County Registrar's office issues death certificates. Generally, your funeral director will order them for you. There is a charge for certified copies.

Q: Will autopsy and coroner reports be available?
Yes. Contact the Fremont County Coroner's Office and you will be advised of an approximate date when the reports will be available. There is currently a $15.00 charge for the reports (check can be made payable to the Fremont County Coroner.)