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Cattle Guard Policy

Fremont County policy regarding cattle guards; installation, maintenance and fees.

Right of Way Policy

Snow and Ice Removal Policy

Snow and Ice removal operations within Fremont County are considered a vital part of the economic and social welfare of the county. Economics, however, require a balance between the level of service and the resources available to perform the service. The basic philosophy governing Fremont County Snow and Ice Removal Policy is that, except during blizzard conditions, all school bus routes on mainline county roads will be plowed and/or sanded in a timely manner so as to provide for the reasonably safe accommodation of school bus traffic. Other main line county roads will be opened in time for mail delivery and in time for people to get to work, and will be kept open late enough for people to return home from work, with very limited exceptions. Fremont County will not provide snow and ice control during the nighttime hours.

Snow and Ice Removal Policy

Our crews are dedicated in maintaining over 700 miles of roads under our jurisdiction. It should be noted, however, the County is not responsible for state highways, private roads, driveways or streets in incorporated towns or cities.

If a snowfall of 4" or more occurs during the night, crews will be dispatched to begin plowing before normal traffic begins. With very limited exceptions, Fremont County will not provide snow and ice removal during nighttime hours. Plowing and sanding operations will normally be carried out between the hours of 5 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Our first priority is to clear school bus routes and major arterials. Once the main roads are open, we go to collectors and minor roads. Due to the number of road miles in Fremont County, some minor roads may not be plowed until the second or third day or not at all depending on the snowfall.

Nighttime (after 5 p.m.) snow and ice control services are performed based on our Snow Plow Routes table. The following roads are plowed after 5:00 p.m. Please call 719-275-2047 for additional information on all other roads.

McKenzie Ave.
McCumber Hill
Cr #11, (High Park)

Fremont County will not respond to requests for nighttime snow and ice control services for locations other than those identified above.

Crews will spread sand only on steep hills, curves and intersections, and will not spread sand continuously along roadways. Given the vast expanse of Fremont County and the possible diverse weather conditions, all motorists are expected to have their vehicles equipped with chains, adequate snow tires and appropriate emergency provisions during inclement weather. We do not provide towing service for private or public vehicles which are stuck in the snow or have run off the road.

Extreme blizzard or "white out" conditions may result in the closing of affected portions of the road system by Fremont County Officials. Under these conditions, roads that are closed roads are traveled "at your own risk." For safety reasons, the plow crews are directed to cease operations in those areas until conditions improve. Any road closure will be announced through local broadcast media.

When clearing driveways, it is unlawful to push or throw the snow onto or across the roadway. Snow must be disposed of on your own property. If parked cars obstruct or hamper plowing operations, these cars may be towed at the owners expense. Fremont County will not plow private drives except in case of a life threatening emergency. Any emergency request will be forwarded to the Sheriff's Office for confirmation prior to the County plowing any private driveways.

Fremont County will not be responsible for any damages to newspaper delivery boxes, rural mailboxes, fencing or personal property, unless physically struck by County equipment. It is the homeowners' responsibility to see that paper boxes and/or mail boxes are properly placed and marked and is sturdy enough to ensure that they will not be damaged or destroyed by snow being thrown from passing snowplows. Fremont County will replace mailboxes which are physically hit by snowplows, provided that the mailboxes are properly located and marked.

Your patience during weather emergencies is appreciated. It is simply impossible to clear all roads immediately.

Fremont County’s Code of the West is a reference of general services you can expect from County crews.