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Zoning and Subdivision Fees

At the January 24, 2012 Board of County Commissioners’ meeting, the Board adopted a revised Zoning Application Fee Schedule to reflect new applications that were added by the 4th Amendment to the Zoning Resolution. None of the previous application fees changed and there were no changes to the Subdivision Application Fee Schedule.

At the January 24, 2006 meeting of the Board of County Commissioners, the Board adopted new schedules for subdivision and zoning fees. The Board modified fees as the result of citizens' comments at a January 10th public hearing. The fee increases stem from a comprehensive study of time and services that the staff in the Planning and Zoning Department performs in connection with each application. The study was conducted over the past several months by Eric Parish of Public Resource Management Group (PRM) of Denver. The study was conducted to identify the true cost of fee related activities ensuring a clear relationship between the cost of the service and the fees that are charged. PRM looked at actual costs of time spent on applications in the Planning and Zoning Office in fiscal year 2004 and looked at 2004 and 2005 volumes of activity in the office.


Amendment to Contingencies or Conditions of Approval $175.00  
Board of Zoning Adjustment $750.00 +
Certificate of Designation $750.00 +
Collocation of Antenna on Existing Tower $250.00  
Commercial Development Plan (CDP) $1,750.00 +
     CDP Major Modification $500.00  
Conditional Use Permit (CUP) $1,750.00 +
     CUP Renewal $1,550.00 +
     CUP Transfer $300.00  
     CUP Cessation $150.00  
     CUP Annual Report (penalty if delinquent) $150.00 *
     CUP Change of Operator $250.00  
     CUP Major Modification $500.00  
Development Plan Review for MHP and TTP&CG $525.00  
Home Occupation $205.00  
Kennel License Inspection $200.00  
Manufactured Home Storage Permit (MHSP) $125.00  
     Manufactured Home Storage Permit Renewal $75.00  
Master Plan Amendment $300.00  
Non-Conforming Use Status $350.00  
Planned Unit Development (PUD) $1,800.00 +
     Planned Unit Development Modification $275.00  
Rebuild Letter $125.00  
     Rebuild Letter w/Non-Conforming Use Status $300.00  
Review of a Proposed Medical Marijuana Dispensary $250.00  
Similar Use Designation $325.00  
Special Review Use Permit (SRU) $1,800.00 +
     SRU Annual Review (penalty if delinquent) $150.00 *
     SRU Cessation $150.00  
     SRU Change of Operator $250.00  
     SRU Major Modification $500.00  
     SRU Transfer $350.00  
Surfacing and Buffering Waivers $125.00  
Temporary Use Permit w/meeting $250.00  
     Temporary Use Permit w/o meeting $175.00  
Temporary Use Permit – Temporary Tower $800.00  
Waste Treatment Sites $1,500.00 +
Zone Change – 1 (ZC) $1,500.00 +
     ZC Major Modification $500.00  
Zone Change – 2 (ZC) $1,750.00 +
     ZC-2 – Use Designation $1,500.00  
     ZC-2 – Final  $750.00  
     ZC Major Modification $500.00  
Zone Change MFH or TTP&CG Zone Districts $2,150.00 +
Zoning Compliance Letter $300.00  
Zoning Resolution Amendment $300.00  

+ This symbol means that the applicant shall be responsible for payment of all associated publication fees.

* This fee will only be charged if the holder of a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) or Special Revue Permit (SRU) does not submit documents required as a condition of the approval of the permit [i.e. copies of current leases, a (prior to expiration), copies of Annual Mining Reports to the Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety; Renewed Stormwater Permits; Air Pollution Permits; Technical Revisions; etc.] to the Department of Planning and Zoning on an annual basis or as otherwise required.  If the Department has to notify the permit holder that such documents have not been submitted then the fee will be charged.  If the fee and required documents are not submitted to the Department within twenty (20) days of the Department notification to the permit holder, violation procedures will be commence.

A full application fee will be charged to the applicant, if all deficiencies as per the initial application review letter are not adequately addressed or provided.  Each subsequent deficiency review letter will result in another full application fee.  All such fees shall be paid along with the deficiency submittal, prior to any further review of the application.

The applicant shall be responsible for payment, at hourly rae for each employee, at that employee’s hourly wage rate, for any hours which exceed the initial application review hours.

Any application for a use permit or change of zoning that has been initiated after the use requiring a permit or change has been established o the property shall be subject to a penalty fee in addition to the set application fee for such permit or change.  The penalty fee will be the same amount as the application fee set for such permit or change.  In effect a double application fee shall be charged at the time of application in such circumstances.  (Example:  The application fee for a Special Review Use Permit is $1,800.00; the penalty fee will be $1,800.00, and therefore the application fee for a permit to house the proposed use would be $3,600.00.)  For these purposes an application for Home occupation shall not be considered as a use permit application.  As with all land use applications, payment of application fees do not insure approval of the application.




  1. Sketch Plan

* $1,000.00

  2. Preliminary Plan **

* $2,475.00 + publication fee

  3. Final Plat

* $1,450.00 + publication fee

  4. Minor Subdivision

* $1,625.00

  5. Lot Line Adjustment


  6. LLA w/public meeting


  7. Boundary Line Adjustment


  8. BLA w/public meeting


  9. Vacation of Interior Lot Line


10. VIL with public meeting


11. Vacation of Public Right-of-Way


12. VPR with LLA


13. VPR with LLA with public meeting


14. Correction Plat


15. Subdivision Reg Variance/Waiver


16. Site Specific Development Plan


17. Extension of contingency deadline


18. Amendment to contingencies


19. Issuance of Address


20. Renaming of street or road


* Includes professional service fees, such as drainage plan review and/or roadway design plan and profile review by a Colorado Professional Engineer but does not include the publication fee.

** Additional fees will be required for preliminary plan reviews by the Colorado Geologic Survey and the Colorado State Forest Service as required by Colorado Revised Statutes and the Colorado Forest Service.

A full application fee will be charged to the applicant, if all deficiencies, as per the initial application review letter, are not adequately addressed or provided. Each subsequent deficiency review letter will result in another full application fee. All such fees shall be paid along with the deficiency submittal, prior to any further review of the application.