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Do Not Spray Requests

Fremont County Weed Management is responsible for managing noxious weeds along county-maintained rights-of-way and are mandated by the Colorado Noxious Weed Act to maintain. Landowners are given the opportunity to apply for “no spray” along their properties right-of-way and will hold that responsibility to manage their right-of-way within their region. Failure to do so will result in spraying operations to resume. It is the landowner’s responsibility to follow the application process to apply annually and any posting requirements.

  • Signs shall be posted in the vicinity of the right-of-way(s) without encroaching in the right-of-way to allow for road maintenance operations and traffic flow to continue normally.
  • Signs must be posted on each end of the Property Landowner’s property. Fremont County weed treatment operations will cease at the first sign and continue immediately after the last sign posted. 
  • Signage must be clearly visible by approaching traffic, be at least 36 inches off the ground and free of obstruction(s) of the view.
  • Signs and lettering must be large enough to view with the naked eye from at least 20 yards away.
  • Signs must be maintained to ensure continued visibility.

The above posting requirements are to be met for Fremont County to honor the request and refrain from the herbicide treatments in the posted area(s). For a Do Not Spray Request form, please use the link below to download a copy of the form. This must be turned in and approved by the Fremont County Weed Manager in order to be valid.

If you wish to pick up a copy in person, there are forms available in the Fremont County Weed Department at 1901 East Main Street, Canon City, CO 81212.