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Budget and Finance

Fremont County operates on a fiscal year beginning January 1st and ending December 31st.

Functions of the Finance Department include:

  1. Timely payment to vendors supplying goods and/or services to all Fremont County departments (Accounts Payable).
  2. Preparation and coordination of adoption of the annual county budget and property tax mill levy to be applied to assessed property values.
  3. Monitoring of actual revenues and expenditures with comparison to the approved annual budget.
  4. Preparation and distribution of monthly financial reports to all county departments including review with the Board of County Commissioners on the over-all financial status of the county.
  5. Preparation of comprehensive annual financial statements of all county funds for review and opinion of the independent county auditor.



Other Documents:

Fremont County ARPA Funding Grant Opportunities

Fremont County is excited to announce two grant opportunities for local businesses, nonprofits, and schools that have lost revenue or incurred expenses related to COVID-19. The deadline for both grant opportunities is February 28, 2022. Applications will be reviewed as they come in. Applicants who received CARES Act funding will still be eligible to apply as long as the application is for a different need than what they previously received funding for. Awards will depend upon the number of applicants, availability of funds, and demonstrated need. Once funding decisions are made, applicants will receive a Grant Award notification which will outline all terms and conditions of receiving the grant.

ARPA Grant - Entity Expense Reimbursement Grant Fund This grant is based solely on the reimbursement of expenses.
ARPA Grant - Financial Recovery Grant Funding This grant is based solely on the reimbursement for loss of revenue.
ARPA Grant Application

Applications can be submitted to

Accounts Payable

All invoices or other documentation for payment process MUST be received by the Finance Office by noon of the Wednesday preceding the regular Board meeting dates, which are the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. If they are received past this deadline, then payment will not occur until the next regular meeting of the Board. In some instances, there can be three weeks between meetings.

This time deadline is very important in order to provide timely payment to vendors along with timely allowance for this office to process and present for Board payment approval.

Available Documents: