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Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners

According to the State Constitution, the Clerk and Recorder is officially responsible for all official actions and Minutes of the Board of County Commissioners. This means that the County Clerk is the custodian of all official records that reflect the actions of the BoCC as a whole.  This includes; minutes of actions taken in regular, special, or emergency meetings, Resolutions, and Ordinances.  All official records can be located at

Other records such as; County budgets, county warrants, county expenditures, Board of Equalization meetings, Financial Reports are kept with the Fremont County Administration Office.

The Clerk & Recorder is also responsible for processing all liquor licenses that are issued by the Board of County Commissioners as the Local Licensing Authority for the establishments located in unincorporated Fremont County. The Clerk to the Board reviews and processes liquor applications that will be considered by the Board sitting as the Local Licensing Authority.