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Drinking from the Firehose

Greetings Fremont County from your newest County Commissioner!

On January 12, 2021 I was officially sworn into office and began to once again enjoy the immense privilege of serving the people of Fremont County as one of their voices in our representative government. I look forward to seeing what we can do together to move our wonderful community forward together in these turbulent and uncertain times.

As we look to the future we can’t ignore the tremendous contribution of the giants on whose shoulders we stand. For me it is my predecessor, Tim Payne. As in 2011, when I took office as State Senator, I had to follow in the footsteps of a great public servant, Ken Kester, and now I follow another exceptional leader and public servant into office. Thank you, Tim, for your wonderful service to and accomplishments on behalf of this county over the last eight years.

My first three weeks remind me a lot of my first three weeks in the State Senate. You take in as much information as possible and learn as much as you can but at the end of the day it is akin to drinking from a firehose. Fortunately, there is a lot of overlap between the jobs and I am rolling up the sleeves and getting to work.

As I have campaigned since 2007 during my first city council run I want to be a responsive representative for you. And I will continue to do that to the best of my abilities as I have done in my other elected roles fighting for the rights of all Fremont County citizens.

The task at hand presents many new opportunities in this current economic climate as we will strive to prepare ourselves for a post-Covid world. I will continue to work toward the goal of ensuring we are poised to make the most of those opportunities to draw business and industry to Fremont.

I look forward to working with you to build a better and brighter future for all of us here in Fremont County.

Submitted by Kevin Grantham, Commissioner District 1