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COVID Thanks

Even frigid temperature won’t stop our community from lending a hand. On February 13th Fremont County Public Health held a drive through Covid vaccine clinic. 1400 doses were given at this clinic and the second shot will be administered on March 13th.

This event could have not happened without the many volunteers who helped make it extremely successful. We have received many compliment on how well the events are planned and executed. Not only do I want to thank Kayla Marler and her Staff of the Fremont County Health department, and Emergency Manager Mykel Kroll, but below is a list of awesome Fremont County

Individuals/Entities that took part in the February 13th mass clinic include:

Canon City Police Department

Ryan Chan

Austen Philips

Fremont Search and Rescue (SAR)

Marlys Caulfield, Pat Caulfield, Michael Cordes, Dave Dickens, Debbie Dickens

Dusting Elliott, Kristin Hegler, Cherryl Hotze, William Hotze, Matthew Katchmar,

Michael Katchmar, Terry Leyshock, Kevin Rivard, Jane Rubio, David Thorson

Dave Walker

Fremont County Emergency Management/Emergency Operation Center Team

Aimee Dyson, Adam Guerra, Bill Hartless, Lori Jenkins, Sterling Jenkins

Mykel Kroll, Wendy Leyshock, Randy Linnen, Mark Norris, Shane Roberts

Donna Toeroek

Fremont County Department of Public Health

Michelle Boscia, Gillian De Leon, Dawn Decker, Shannon Espinoza, Amy Jamison,

Kayla Marler, Sarah Miller, Danielle Santilli, Paula Spurlin

Sol Vista/Volunteers/American Medical Response (AMR)/Doctors/Nurses

Amy Banker, Steven Barbee, Kim Biecker, Linda Black, Pat Cox, Helen Jones,

Micheal Banker, Sheila Banker, Crystal Lundy, Victoria Mehl, Trish Mitchell,

Chris Mohr, Gary Mohr, Jessie Niedens, Nicole Ortega, Glenda Peterson,

James Reppert, Joan Sindler, Marc Sindler, Lori Steinbeck, Don Kroll,

Dr Rieger, Della Rieger, Dr Mccurry, Becki and Dennis Vettese.


I apologize if I missed any great volunteers. Without the help of all the Staff and wonderful volunteers these events could not happen.


February 25th CDPHE vaccination team will be in Fremont County. They will provide vaccine to RE-3 at their school location.

February 26th CDPHE vaccination team will vaccinate Re-1 & Re-2 staff here at our health department.

The Health Department is running at least 400-500 doses a week.

They will be running a big walk-in clinic on March 16th and 18th (we will administer 900 doses this week).

As of 2/24, FCDPHE has administered 4428 1st and 2nd doses.


Dwayne McFall

Fremont County Commissioner District 3